Hullo! I'm Sharon.

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As a designer, I strive to be socially responsible by...

  • conducting in-depth research of relevant contexts, phenomena, and users
  • recognizing that not all problems are design problems
  • understanding the potential impact of my work
  • acknowledging that I am human, and therefore, fallible


A bit about me

When I'm not thinking about design I like to dabble in other things, like illustration and motion graphics. Outside of the studio I enjoy road trips, globetrotting, and writing.

I studied Communication Design and minored in Professional Writing at Carnegie Mellon. After continuing my education with a Master's in Social Design (MASD) at MICA, I became a founding member and Lead Designer of emocha Mobile Health Inc. I then went on to do research, strategy, and UX at a design agency called Tomorrow, where I worked for two years. 

My creative approach is empathetic, methodical, and dense with information (INTJ). I love listening to people and hearing their stories. When faced with wicked problems I tackle them by diagramming and processing piece by piece. I analyze issues from a variety of angles, synthesize complexity, and determine the most strategic, beneficial, and human-centered designs. 


Quotes that inspire

"A sustainable society is one that satisfies its needs without diminishing the prospects of future generations" 
– Lester Brown of the Worldwatch Institute

"The only important thing about design is how it relates to people. " 
– Victor Papanek in Design For The Real World: Human Ecology and Social Change

"Ancora imparo."


Creatives I admire

Karin Fong, Julie Zhuo, Alicia Cheng


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