Design Methodology



Design is a messy but informative process that puts people first. Human-centered design begins with contextual inquiry and in-depth user research. User needs are uncovered by analyzing and synthesizing the results of the research, and design decisions are driven by these insights.


1. Research

User and field research
Market research
Problem definition
Competitive analysis

2. Ideation

Proof of concept

3. Synthesis

Combine results of research and ideation
Concept development
Bigger-picture view
Working prototypes

4. Analysis

Test and review
User-testing, A/B testing
Re-examine design decisions
Prep for production

Skills Assessment

T-Shaped Designer

The visualization below breaks down the breadth and depth of my personal skill-set across relevant fields in design. The horizontal bar across the top shows the variety of disciplines, while the vertical bars show the depth of knowledge and experience in those fields.