miDOT Marketing

miDOT Marketing

Marketing material for miDOT, a tool for tuberculosis patients during medication therapy

(emocha Mobile Health Inc.)



Creative Director / Storyboarding / Animation / Sound

Anne Marie Jasinowski – Designer

miDOT was the first product of emocha Mobile Health. This page gives an overview of the process for miDOT's marketing design. The core materials consist of a video and a printable product sheet.

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Creative Director / Copywriter / Design

Anne Marie Jasinowski – Designer
Morad Elmi




The video needed to function as an introduction to miDOT and to emocha. It was important to tell the story of what problems miDOT could solve, and how it could improve the lives of patients and clinicians.

The script was co-written in a Google Doc and passed through every team member's hands before it was finalized. Once completed, it was sent to a professional voice actress who recorded several readings of the script. (Fun fact: The voice actress was British and imitated the American accent for this video.)

We sketched a storyboard based on the script, detailing graphical layout, animations, transitions, and some light experimentation on color. Extra scenes had to be added when last-minute changes were made to the script, but the final video follows the original storyboard to a surprising degree. 

4. Color and Graphics
Anne Marie chose the colors through Adobe Color and created vector graphics. She made a screen-by-screen recreation of the analog storyboard in Illustrator, which were then reviewed together for simplification, color, line-width, layout, etc. This step was extremely helpful to see the look-and-feel of the final video. It was also a helpful way to break out the vector elements to animate once we transitioned to After Effects.

5. Sound
The voice for the script was meticulously chosen as a neutral, professional, and optimistic tone. We tried to find background music to pair with it, also carefully selected. We hunted for background music that had a continuous beat and light build without being distracting or overly happy, and finally found something on audiojungle. I spliced the voice recording with the music in GarageBand. (Fun fact: In the music, the second build is repeated three times more before the final build sequence.)

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 10.00.40 PM.png

6. Animation
The bulk of the heavy-lifting in animation was done by Anne Marie. After a first run-through, we sat down and did a thorough review of the timing and pacing of the video, along with the animation and graphics. 

7. Final (screenshots)

The final video stayed true to the original vision and message-- visual elements that were born in some of the earliest storyboards retained their effectiveness to the end.

Product Sheet Process

1. Content
The purpose of the product sheet was to have a take-away item for potential miDOT customers at events and conferences. Content was generated by the marketing director, Morad Elmi, and me. 

The intent was to create a standard product sheet template that could be used for future emocha products.

2. Early Iteration

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Anne Marie made a few sketches before deciding on the header-body-footer layout. The basic elements and grid structure can be seen in the early iteration, but further refinement needed to be done for hierarchy, content, visual language, and overall message.


3. Final

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The final product sheet has a clearer message for the way the product is used, from app to web, and provides more information about the different benefits that miDOT offers. It was also very well received by potential customers, who said that the sheet helped them understand the product better.


miDOT is being used in Maryland, Texas, California, and Australia