How do we see sound? What happens in our minds as we listen to music? This project explores the relationship between music and movement. 

Graphic Design / Animation


How can you intimately know a piece of music?

The point was not to make a musical score-- rather, to map the sounds themselves and the feelings that accompanied each. Bright, harsh tones became triangles, and low, hollow sounds became round dots. Higher pitches were drawn higher on the page, as if the notation itself were dancers.

There was an early image/feeling that came clearly with the playfulness of the sound, and it was of a group of something jumping in a circle. That became the main driving force behind the circular imagery of the video.

Below is a rough storyboard showing the ending of the video piece-- note the meticulous notation for the dots in the top margin.

Moving into the digital yielded interesting experimentations in color. These colorful explorations, though interesting, did not make it to the final iteration of the piece. (Thank goodness)

It did, however, last quite a bit longer than it needed to.